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Joe Felinski – Owner

Joe began his service to this country, just days after turning 18, and served for 12 years in the Air Force.  Prior to finishing out his second enlistment, Joe became a police officer and served his community for nine years before having to take early retirement.  Joe’s early retirement came due to a work-related disability which prevented him from continuing to do the job he loved so much.  As a police officer, Joe spent many hours in different training scenarios; however, the most important training, to him, was the countless hours of firearms training.  As a Field Training Officer, he made sure to not only focus on the many tasks of the job but tactics and officer safety as well.

Joe has a passion for teaching those who serve and offering his insight on how they can be safer and more efficient in their jobs.  Joe is an avid supporter of the Second Amendment and feels it is everyone’s responsibility to protect themselves with a firearm and the proper training.  Not only is he the owner of this fine company but, he is also one of our finest lead instructors.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Joe directly.



Renee Felinski – Office Manager

Renee is Joe’s wife and manages all day-to-day paperwork involved with processing orders.  Renee is also tasked with handling many of our company’s current suppliers as well as suppliers wishing to do business with us.

Renee is not only married to a veteran but, she is also the daughter of a veteran.  Because of these associations, Renee is a strong believer in and supporter of the Second Amendment.

If you would like to do business with Black Spade Armory, please feel free to contact Renee directly.



Mike Allgeier – Regional Sales Manager/NKY



Chris Pack – Regional Sales Associate/CKY

Chris is a lifelong gun enthusiast and shooter with a primary focus in handguns. He is also a strong supporter of the Second Amendment who believes everyone has the right to protect themselves with a gun. Chris has a passion for getting people involved in the shooting sports and teaching them how to do this safely.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, feel free to contact Chris directly.



Brandon Clark – Master Gunsmith



Jake Burdine – Lead Cerakote Specialist


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